Are you considering a new build or renovation? The steps involved to get this work done can often be daunting. If you aren't sure what you require, please get in touch! We love to help!

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the building process


For people who are new to the building experience, knowing the steps involved can often be confusing and overwhelming. While smaller jobs do not require some of these steps, bigger jobs will. To know if you need to any of these steps, feel free to contact us and we will tell you what you need to do. Below is a list of steps you will need to take to get the ball rolling:

  • Architect/Draftsmen

    It is recommended you engage one of these to put your concepts on paper. They will draw your design up. From there you can make changes till your happy with the final product and move on to the next phase.

  • Engineering

    They will look at your design and decide what structural elements are needed. 3.Surveyor/Soil report-These will be needed if there are any structural elements in the ground and building close to boundaries etc.

  • Certification

    Once these documents are put together, they must go to a certifier who will then put it to council and get any design and building approvals needed

  • Engage Us!

    We will then be able to provide an accurate quote for you to decide on discuss construction dates.

  • Build!

    And now it's time for us to do what we do best - build your dream home or complete your dream renovation!